Harbour Breeze team news

The Harbour Breeze embarks on its quest to win the 2014 National Womens Basketball Competition next weekend, May 2-4.

The first of the three tournaments to decide the WBC will be held in Christchurch. The four times championship winning Breeze take a familiar line up south. Chelsea Terei and Anna Lacey will assume point guard duties, the off guard responsibilities sitting with Junior Tall Fern Ella Fotu, Claire McCurran and Shinae Blair.

Former age group international Morgan Roberts will make her WBC debut as a small forward alongside the experienced Kate Lacey. Outstanding Westlake Girls player Tera Reed can rotate between the small forward and guard positions and she has the potential to be a stand-out in the 2014 competition.

Former Tall Fern Karlene Kingi makes a welcome return to the team after a two-year absence. Kingi, Dena Franklin and Rebecca van Kuyk will form a potent forward trio that will trouble the other teams in the competition.

The Breeze, coached by Jody Cameron and Justine Reed will be bolstered by the return of Jaycin Tini and Brooke Blair for tournaments two and three. Both former Rangitoto College students will be returning from their college commitments in the US in May.

Other competing teams: Auckland Counties Manukau Hawks Canterbury Wizards Capital Flyers Junior Tall Ferns Nelson Sparks Otago Gold Rush Rotorua Vols Waikato Wizards Waitakere Lady Rangers

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3 thoughts on “Harbour Breeze team news

  1. john pedersen says:

    Mike, see you at the game tommorow did you get the email i sent you about jason cadee

  2. Maria says:

    Why does Harbour have a women’s team and not a mens in the NBL?

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