A basketball correspondent for Basketball New Zealand, Eurobasket.com, big fan and statistician of the New Zealand Breakers, I follow all aspects of New Zealand basketball. Children Kate, Anna and Mathew are all North Harbour representative players so basketball is a topic of conversation at the dinner table every night.

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  1. Great site Mike I will put a link from my website to this site and try and ensure that I remember to mention it in my blogs as well.

  2. Chris Millbank says:

    Hey Mike, catching up on all the hoop news in NZ esp the Breakers off season, Vietnam not much news in BB, off 2 Malaysia on Monday then 2 Bali, hope 2 or not be back in NZ late August. keep up the good work, hope u r well. Chris

    • laceylowdown says:

      Thanks Chris,
      sounds like a great trip, hope the batteries are recharged, look forward to seeing you when you return.
      Steve Adams draft pick up is huge at the moment, let’s hope he can go on and be the real deal. final 4 of Saints,nuggets, Giants and Sharks should be fun – anyone of those can win it. Saints start favorite now they have added Rick but they could be without Tait who has picked up a thumb injury.

  3. Josiah.M says:

    Love your work. Love and appreciation for your passion of local hoops!

  4. Test says:

    I am a parent of a high school basketball player.

    Talking to other parents of high school players nearing graduation, we perceive a gap in the basketball opportunities for these young men and women.

    Other than Reps, which is something, the high school players have always had alongside their high school basketball, the only basketball available to them is mens and social leagues. In many ways this is a big step down.

    Has there been any serious thought given to a tertiary school basketball league(s)? Playing for ones school has always been special.

    At the risk of displaying on Auckland centric bias in part to keep logistics simple initiall and costs down – there should be enough talent to create a league with University of Auckland, AUT, Massey, UNITEC and Manukau Institute of Technology,with the possibility of extending out to Waikato University and the 2 polytechs in Hamilton and Tauranga. (a similar league has potential with the Wellington tertiary schools, Palmerston North (Massey), New Plymouth and Hawke’s Bay)

    As far as I know the University basketball calendar is restricted to one weekend tournament, if so there is considerable room to grow basketball at the tertiary level. One only has to look at the USA and Canada to see the passion for university and college basketball. Perhaps basketball could take the lead in developing the inter-college sport in New Zealand.

    Thanks for listening and I would be keen to know if there are any efforts underway in this regard!.

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  6. Stephan Hunt says:

    Could you contact me about the original bbnz Team you talked about on the bbnz Awards night 0210382230 stephan hunt

  7. Olga Lavaki says:

    How often do you update this website

  8. John says:

    Hi Mike,

    I was wondering if you had a list of all the NZ players in the NCAA you would be able to share please?


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