NBL Points Ranking Revision

The Sky City Breakers ability to recruit quality players for next season just got a whole lot easier.

The club will benefit from a revision of the rules surrounding the NBL Points Ranking. Each player is ranked between 1 and 10 points depending on their performance in the previous season.

The player points allocations are about to be made public, with the introduction of a ‘loyalty’ rule a positive additional clause. Players that have spent five consecutive seasons with one club will receive a 2 points reduction in their points rating. Long serving players with 10 seasons with the same club will receive 4 points reductions.

In the 2013/14 season that concluded last month Tom Abercrombie was ranked a 10 points player and Alex Pledger a 9 points player. Both players have played their entire careers with the Breakers and will therefore benefit from the 2 points loyalty discount.

Even if the Breakers retain all their contracted players for next season they will have have at least four spots to fill. The two import places need to be filled, CJ Bruton has retired and Jeremiah Trueman’s was not replaced following his early season release.

The revision of the ranking system will greatly assist the Breakers and other clubs like the Perth Wildcats who have developed and retained the core of their playing group over multiple seasons.

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