Breakers Academy outgun MaiFM 88 Sixers

The MaiFM 88 Sixers took their name literally as they tackled the star studded Breakers Academy with just six players and were subsequently outgunned 112-87 in the fifth round of the Mexicali Fresh Summer Jam.

Despite Sixers player coach Hayden Allen being sidelined on childcare duties his team hung tough in the early stages thanks largely to the inside presence of Nick Barrow and Morgan Natanahira. Barrow scored 12 points in the first quarter and Hayden Miller knocked down a couple of threes as the Breakers lead was restricted to just five points, 32-27 at quarter time.

Sam Colenutt was exhibiting his scoring prowess, he, Jordan Ngatai and Brad Anderson all in double figures at half time, Breakers ahead 60-46.

Coach Allen and his assistants Reggie and Mack called a time out early in the third quarter following a couple of runaway dunks from Ngatai and Reuben Te Rangi. The tide was stemmed temporarily as Matt Lacey and Miller converted from deep but the Sixers were in damage control most of the second half. The Breakers scored freely in the final period to run out comfortable winners.

Breakers coach Judd Flavell afforded Te Rangi and Duane Bailey plenty of court time, as there opportunities in the Breakers ANBL team have been rather limited of late.

Final score;

MaiFM Sixers 87 – Barrow 31, Natanahira 22, Lacey 17, Miller 11

Breakers Development 112 –Jordan Ngatai 21, Anderson 20, Duane Bailey 16, Reuben Te Rangi 16, Yuat Alok 12, Sam Colenutt 12.

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