Four to Follow in ’14 – Wynyard

The fourth player to be featured is a young man yet to play in the NBL – Tai Wynyard. Wynyard who will suit up for the James Blond Super City Rangers. The year 12 Rangitoto College student is already attracting interest from US Colleges and looks to have a bright future in the game. Why the interest? At just 16 years of age he is a powerfully built 6’9” forward with a grown man’s strength and wonderful touch around the hoop. Wynyard spent much of his school summer vacation training with the Sky City Breakers and certainly didn’t look out of place in that environment. He had little problem coping with the physicality that comes with playing against the likes of Mika Vukona and Gary Wilkinson so he should be fine amongst the NBL ‘bigs’. The James Blond Super City Rangers should be a good fit for Wynyard. They are not blessed with enormous depth amongst their forwards and certainly don’t have anyone with Wynyard’s raw power therefore he will get court time. Equally important he will have Dillon Boucher (Rangers assistant coach) close at hand to offer advice and guidance. The key to the year will be managing Wynyard’s commitments as the Rangers, Breakers, Junior Tall Blacks and school will all place demands on his time.The potential NBL Rookie of the Year will need his workload managed very carefully.

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