Tall Ferns 2-0 at William Jones Cup

Tall Ferns huddle v Korea

Two down three to go for the Tall Ferns after defeating Korea 73-61 in Taiwan on Thursday.

The Tall Ferns, paced by a second consecutive twenty points haul from skipper Micaela Cocks, led by twenty points in the third before taking their foot off the gas in the final period.

Coach Guy Molloy was happy with the Tall Ferns performance particularly in the first half when they kept Korea to 31 points and shot an impresive 60% (18 from 30) from the field.

Full report here

One thought on “Tall Ferns 2-0 at William Jones Cup

  1. Nikolay says:

    Well done Tall Ferns! Game vs. Japan going to be fire!

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