Rosmini College heading to World Cup in Greece

Schick Basketball 2018 - WinnersDay2_Digital-8531

The Rosmini College Premier basketball team has accepted an invitation from the International School Sport Federation (ISF) to participate in the 25th Basketball World Schools Championship.

The 2018 Schick Secondary Schools Champions will travel to Heraklion on the island of Crete for the 24-team tournament beginning April 12, 2019.

Rosmini are following in the footsteps of Rangitoto College that attended the last World Schools Championship held in Croatia in 2017.

Rosmini Head Coach Matt Lacey is looking forward to the prospect of leading his team against some of the top secondary school teams in the world.

“Following our success at the 2018 Schick Nationals in October we were all thinking the season was over and were ready for our team to part ways. However this is too great an opportunity to miss and we are delighted to be headed to Crete next April.

“It’s exciting to be invited to a world championship event and is a fitting reward for an outstanding group of players, many of them having played together for the past five years. The year thirteens in the team now get an opportunity to extend their school basketball careers for a further six months,” said Lacey.

Unlike the 2017 Rangitoto team that was deprived of three starters (Sam Waardenburg, Braydon Inger and Dan Fotu) for their Croation expedition, Rosmini will be travelling with all but Joseph Hylton from the twelve-player squad that won Nationals in October.

“Due to the timing we were unfortunately unable to take the full team that won the 2015 Schick Secondary Schools National Championship,” said Rangitoto Coach Kenny Stone.

“It will be a fantastic experience for the Rosmini boys. The bulk of the teams are from Europe and those from Turkey, France, Croatia and Spain were very strong in 2017. The team from Turkey that won the event that year would have beaten our New Zealand NBL teams. All the European teams arrive in good shape because their season is just coming to an end in April,” added Stone.

For three of the Rosmini team it will be a second trip to a World Championship event in ten months. Mitch Dance, Kainoa Lepou and Marvin Williams-Dunn were all members of the New Zealand team that attended the FIBA U18 World Cup in Argentina in June.

Rosmini team:

Terence Abdon, Jayden Boucher, Mitchell Dance, Kainoa Lepou, Reihana Maxwell-Topia, Tyler Martin, Thomas Morgan, Sean Murphy, Taine Murray, Kruz Perrott-Hunt, Tom Seuren, Marvin Williams-Dunn

You can follow the team’s journey through their Facebook page, click here.

For information on how you can assist the team in their quest to attend ISF Basketball World Championship click here.

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