Agony for Freeman and Waardenburg at NCAA Tournament


Both Sam Waardenburg and Matt Freeman, and their respective teams Miami Hurricanes and Oklahoma Sooners, exited the NCAA Tournament in disappointing and dramatic circumstances today.

Miami Hurricanes went down 64-62 to Loyola Chicago and Oklahoma Sooners fell 83-78 to Rhode Island in overtime.

Waardenburg looked to have helped the University of Miami to a narrow win when he secured a defensive rebound with 9 seconds left to play. However a one-and-one free throw opportunity was missed by the Hurricanes allowing Loyola Chicago to steal the win with a three virtually on the buzzer. It was certainly a heart breaking way to finish the season for the 22-10 Hurricanes.

the winning shot

Waardenburg didn’t score any points but he did post a more than useful 4 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 block and one steal in his first appearance at the Big Dance.

Oklahoma, semi-finalists in 2016, went out with an overtime loss despite 28 points and 7 assists from dynamic freshman point guard Trae Young. The scores were locked at 69 apiece after regulation time.

Freeman, the Sooners sophmore forward, didn’t take the court as his team finished the season with an 18-14 record.

Jack Salt, the sole Kiwi left playing in the men’s tournament and all five New Zealanders in the women’s tournament will be in first round action tomorrow.

Saturday March 17, 10.00am, California State Northridge (Tessa Boagni) v Notre Dame

Saturday March 17, 10.00am, Northern Colorado (Krystal Leger-Walker & Tiarna Clarke) v Michigan

Saturday March 17, 10.00am, California Berkeley (Penina Davidson) v Virginia

Saturday March 17, Noon, Seattle (Jacinta Beckley) v Oregon

Saturday March 17, 2.20pm Virginia (Jack Salt) v Maryland, Baltimore County

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