Which teams are unbeaten at Secondary Schools Nationals?


12 to be precise – 6 girls teams, 6 boys teams.

With a number of American College coaches an scouts looking on the cream has started to rise to the top at Secondary School Nationals in Palmerston North on Day 2.

In the Boys Competition Westlake and Rangitoto will advance from Pool A. The only Boys Pool to have completed four round robin games the two North Shore teams are 4-0 and quarter-finals bound. There clash tomorrow will sort out rankings and local bragging rights.

Pool B appears equally clear cut with New Plymouth Boys High and Auckland Grammar heading the pack with 3-0 records.

Pool C is less clear. Palmerston Boys High School (3-0) look assured of topping the pile but who will advance with them? With two games scheduled on Day 3 Rosmini College (2-1), Hamilton Boys (1-2) an Te Awamutu College (2-1) will all give it a nudge.

Kelston Boys (2-1) threw the cat amongst the pigeons by beating St John’s Hamilton (2-1) late on Day 2 in Pool D. Like Pool three there is a clear leader in Christchurch Boys (3-0) but there is plenty to play for for the chasing pack

Mt Albert Grammar (3-0) continue to be the storyline in the early stages of the Girls competition, they top the Pool of death otherwise known as Pool B. Due to a lopsided draw at Premierships MAGS finished fifth but were always going to be dark horses at Nationals having been good enough to finish third in the Auckland Premier competition.

On day one they beat the more favoured Westlake Girls (2-1) and St Mary’s College, Wellington (2-1). Today they disposed of Rangitoto College (1-2)  and now have one foot in the quarter-finals.

St Peter’s, Cambridge (4-0) comfortably trumped Auckland Girls Grammar (3-1) in Pool A with both likely top 8 bound.

In Pool C Hamilton Girls and New Plymouth Girls High are 3-0 as are the South Island pair of  Rangi Ruru and Waimea in Pool D. It will be a surprise if any of these four fail to progress to the quarters.

Day 2 results

Fraser 67 V 78 Scots (AA Boys Pool D)
Te Awamutu 100 V 95 Selwyn (AA Boys Pool C)
Kings 58 V 73 St Johns Hamilton (AA Boys Pool D)
Palmerston North Boys 76 V 73 Rosmini (AA Boys Pool C)
Hastings Boys 60 V 49 Hamilton Boys (AA Boys Pool C)
Manukura 60 V 66 St Kevins (A Boys Pool A)
Epsom Girls 54 V 77 Marlborough Girls (AA Girls Pool C)
Kelston Boys 61 V 113 Christchurch Boys (AA Boys Pool D)
Rotorua Girls 67 V 78 Hamilton Girls (AA Girls Pool C)
Hutt Valley 52 V 58 New Plymouth Girls (AA Girls Pool C)
St Peters Cambridge 88 V 36 Napier Girls (AA Girls Pool A)
Cashmere 67 V 74 Otago Boys (AA Boys Pool A)
Rangitoto 90 V 58 Melville (AA Boys Pool A)
Wellington Girls 48 V 85 Auckland Girls Grammar (AA Girls Pool A)
Fraser 92 V 41 Tauranga Girls (AA Girls Pool A)
Westlake Boys 99 V 83 Hillcrest (AA Boys Pool A)
Rangi Ruru 64 V 55 Massey (AA Girls Pool D)
Auckland Grammar 94 V 74 Christs Col (AA Boys Pool B)
Mt Albert Grammar 65 V 60 Rangitoto (AA Girls Pool B) Arena 2
Rangiora 68 V 70 Hastings Girls (AA Girls Pool D)
Westlake Girls 97 V 68 Christchurch Girls (AA Girls Pool B)
St Marys Wellington 105 V 43 Middleton Grange (AA Girls Pool B)
Waimea 67 V 42 Melville (AA Girls Pool D)
St Patricks Kilbirnie 51 V 60 Mt Albert Grammar (AA Boys Pool B)
Nelson Col 69 V 74 New Plymouth Boys (AA Boys Pool B)
Palmerston North Boys 75 V 55 Hamilton Boys (AA Boys Pool C)
Selwyn 58 V 120 Rosmini (AA Boys Pool C)
Te Awamutu 76 V 74 Hastings Boys (AA Boys Pool C)
Fraser 58 V 89 Kings (AA Boys Pool D)

Rotorua Girls 83 V 49 Hutt Valley (AA Girls Pool C)
Scots 58 V 94 Christchurch Boys (AA Boys Pool D)
Hamilton Girls 89 V 35 Marlborough Girls (AA Girls Pool C)
Kelston Boys 96 V 84 St Johns Hamilton (AA Boys Pool D)
New Plymouth Girls 90 V 47 Epsom Girls (AA Girls Pool C) Arena 2
Melville 68 V 79 Westlake Boys (AA Boys Pool A) Court 1
Tauranga Girls 61 V 83 Wellington Girls (AA Girls Pool A) Court 2
Hillcrest 99 V 87 Cashmere (AA Boys Pool A) Court 4
Auckland Girls Grammar 57 V 84 St Peters Cambridge (AA Girls Pool A) Court 5
Napier Girls 73 V 72 Fraser (AA Girls Pool A) Court 6
Otago Boys 46 V 67 Rangitoto (AA Boys Pool A) Court 8







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