Tournament teams from U17 Nationals

IMG_0423 (1).JPG

MVP James Moors (No 35)

Below are the Boy’ and Girl’s Tournament Teams from the 2016 Under 17 National Championships played at NSEC last week.


Harrison Clarke (Harbour)

Will Harrison (Canterbury)

Tom Higgins (Central Country)

Peter Jenkins (Harbour)

Kale Lawson (Waitakere)

Connor McLaughlin (Canterbury)

James Moors –MVP (Harbour)

Jack Morrison (Auckland Counties)

Oscar Oswald (Palmerston North)

Lachlan Scott (Palmerston North)


Amiee Book (Tasman)

Chanel Brodeur-Muir (Harbour)

Zhanay Hettig (Waikato)

Grace Hunter (Wellington)

Mele Latu (Waitakere)

Charlisse Leger-Walker MVP (Waikato)

Tsubasa Nisbett (Canterbury)

Sharne Pupuke-Robati (Auckland Counties)

Elianna Tuaiti (Waitakere)

Charlotte Whittaker (North Canterbury)


Charlisse Leger-Walker in action for Junior Tall Ferns


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