Some Breakers Play-off Records

Unknown-1Breakers Numbers in play-off games

Breakers overall win/loss record in play-off games. 14-7 V Cairns 3-1 V Perth 6-2 V Adelaide 1-0 Most Appearances 19 Dillon Boucher and CJ Bruton 18 Mika Vukona plus 10 for South Dragons (8) and Gold Coast (2) 18 Tom Abercrombie 16 Alex Pledger 12 Gary Wilkinson 11 Corey Webster, Kirk Penney, Paul Henare 10 Cedric Jackson and Daryl Corletto, Other current players Reuben Te Rangi 1 appearance Rhys Carter 18 appearances for South Dragons (8), Perth (4) and Adelaide (6). Most Points 281 CJ Bruton 256 Kirk Penney 193 Tom Abercrombie 191 Gary Wilkinson 143 Alex Pledger 123 Cedric Jackson 115 Mika Vukona 102 Daryl Corletto Other current players Corey Webster 57pts Most Rebounds 102 Mika Vukona 86 Alex Pledger 79 Dillon Boucher 76 Tom Abercrombie 70 Gary Wilkinson 56 Kirk Penney 46 Cedric Jackson Most Assists 67 Dillon Boucher 59 Cedric Jackson 41 CJ Bruton 40 Mika Vukona 30 Kirk Penney 30 Paul Henare


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