Richie Edwards joins growing list

Canterbury Rams forward Richie Edwards has become the latest New Zealand player to debut in the Australian National Basketball League. Edwards has signed for the injury stricken Adelaide 36ers who will be without athletic swingman Mitch Creek for about 6 weeks. Edwards joins fellow Kiwi BJ Anthony at the 36ers. On Sunday he played three minutes for the 36ers having only arrived in Adelaide three days before the game.

Edwards, a member of the Junior Tall Blacks team that played in the 2009 Under 19 World Championships in Auckland has had a good year in 2014. He won the 2014 Bartercard NBL Rookie of the Year Award for his performances with the Canterbury Rams. Edwards a graduate of Arizona State University averaged 17.8 points and 5.5 rebounds per game with the Rams.

Below is a list of New Zealand players who have appeared in the ANBL other than the players who have appeared solely for the Breakers. The list only contains players eligible for Tall Blacks selection.

None Breakers players to have played in the ANBL (total NBL appearances).

Marco Alexander – Melbourne United, debuted 19.10.14 (1)

Callum Baynes – Brisbane (33)

Craig Bradshaw – Brisbane, Gold Coast (45)

Gareth Dawson – Wollongong, Cairns (6)

Mark Dickel – Victoria, Sydney (71)

Richie Edwards – Adelaide 36ers, debuted 2.11.14

*Nick Horvath – W Sydney, Adelaide, South Dragons (100)

Jeremy Kench – Singapore, Wollongong (63)

Warwick Meehl – Brisbane (16)

Miles Pearce – Victoria, Hunter, Brisbane, W Sydney (72)

Tony Rampton – Cairns, Wollongong, W Sydney (251)

Brook Ruscoe – Townsville, debuted 31.12.13 (2)


NZ Players to have played for the Breakers and another ANBL club (total NBL appearances)

Hayden Allen – Singapore (25)

BJ Anthony – Adelaide (current)

Everard Bartlett – Perth, Adelaide (56)

Dillon Boucher – Perth, Brisbane (325)

Pero Cameron – Gold Coast (130)

*Casey Frank – West Sydney, Wollongong, Gold Coast. (109)

Leon Henry – Townsville (current)

Mike Homik – Perth (19)

Phill Jones – Cairns (157)

Lindsay Tait – Victoria, Wollongong, Cairns (147)

Jeremiah Trueman – Perth (89)

Mika Vukona – South Dragons, Gold Coast (275)

Paora Winitana – Adelaide (74)

*American born, naturalised New Zealander’s


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