Mexicali Fresh Summer Jam Round 2 Update

Week two of the Mexicali Fresh Summer Jam began with the two winning teams from last week facing off. The first half was notable for a double digit scoring effort by Duane Bailey for Youthtown Clique and a similar effort by Alonzo Burton for The Block City Brawlers, the Clique ahead 54-46 at the break. Guards Jonathan Southey (Clique) and Kael Tarawa (Brawlers) were having a ding-dong battle, providing an interesting side show as both teams fought for ascendancy. Carl Buck converted three treys for The Clique, still six points to the good, 81-75 at threequarter time.

As last week the Brawlers saved their best until last and once again Houston O’Riley was pivotal in their comeback. An O’Riley score tied the game 92-92 with three minutes to play. Bailey and O’Riley exchanged baskets , 94 apiece, before Robson Tavita edged the Clique ahead with less than 90 seconds remaining. Burton was fouled as he scored and he converted the freebie to put the Brawlers 97-96 ahead. The final sixty seconds were punctuated by time-outs, fouls and free throws but it was the Brawlers and O’Riley in particular (4 from 4 free throws) who kept their cool and recorded their second victory in as many weeks.

Final score;

The Block City Brawlers 101 (O’Riley 30, Burton 26, Nisasi Malua 15)

Youthtown Clique 97 (Bailey 24, Buck 20, Tavita 17)


Anamata Haku scored the last six points of the first period as The Flava Flyers surged to a 25-13 lead over The Birdmen in game two. When Dylan Perfect-Tait connected with his third triple of the night things appeared to be getting away from the Birdmen but a time-out restored their composure and good inside work from Johnny Fesolai coupled with some improved defensive work reduced the lead to a more manageable 44-35 at the main break.

Sam Everitt connected with a couple of long range efforts for the Flyers to help them maintain a comfortable advantage but Josh Bloxham and Chris Fahrensohn forced a couple of late turnovers to keep the Birdmen in the hunt at the third break.

Another brace of turnovers to begin the last quarter handed the Birdmen further points but just as they looked as if they might further dent the Flyers advantage Perfect-Tait demonstrated his renowned shooting ability by reeling off three consecutive triples in less than two minutes. Matt Lacey (once) and Hayden Allen (twice) also converted from behind the arc, the Flyers scoring a total of 14 three’s as they eased to a 96-79 win.

Final score;

The Flava Flyers 96 (Haku 20, Everitt 14, Lacey 14, Allen 11)

The Birdmen 79 (Fesolai 23, Fahrensohn 17, Bloxham 13)

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