Tai Webster

The Waikato Pistons may be heading for the wooden spoon in the NBL following their home defeat to fellow strugglers the James Blond Super City Rangers but one player is certainly worthy of something a little less inglorious than the spoon. 18 year old Tai Webster has taken the weighty role of starting point guard on his young shoulders and stood tall. He has played big minutes; over thirty-six per game. He is in the top 15 players in the league in points (18.5 per game), assists (4,2pg) and steals (1.8pg). Surely he is a shoo-in for the Rookie of the Year Award. However, will the decision makers at NBL headquarters overlook the fact that Tai played a few minutes of garbage time for the now defunct Auckland Pirates last season? He played just eleven minutes over two games scoring just two points. Strictly speaking he may not be a rookie but in reality he is. It is to be hoped the decision makers make the sensible and correct decision in three or four week’s time.

One thought on “TAI FOR TITLE

  1. Judd Flavell says:

    100% agree with Tai winning the award.
    Technically he was a rookie last year so who ever judges this may count this against him.
    But this award needs to be reviewed and in my opinion changed from “Rookie of the year” to “Young player of the year”.
    The age cut off i think is 21. This way it opens it up to more than just 2 or 3 contenders. Most younger players will play garbage time or sit on the bench and pay their dues in their first year or 2.
    Also this eliminates possible US College Graduates who come back to play at the age of 22 or 23. This is not a fair indication as someone like Isaac Fotu or Rob Loe who are both at US Colleges and Tall Blacks are eligible when they return.
    Conrad Ross did this back in 1997 when he played for Waikato and won the award in his mid 20’s.

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